• " The team at Carolina Green were able to make recommendations with supporting explanations that were easy to understand. They were only interested in providing solutions that would benefit my family the most. "
    - Antoine T., North Charleston, SC
  • " Carolina Green Energy Systems improved air quality and lowered our energy consumption, to the tune of a 40% reduction in the first several months. "
    - Nick Holmes, James Island, SC
  • " CGES did an excellent job evaluating, programming, encapsulating, and preserving the integrity of the construction of my 2-year old house and protect it against the high humidity and cold winter. "
    - Sam, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • " I immediately noticed a difference in the comfort level of my home, less noise, no variations in temperatures of the rooms and improved air quality. The best part is, I have seen average monthly decrease in my power bill of $50/month. "
    - C.O., James Island, SC

Crawlspace Encapsulation

More and more homeowners are discovering that vented crawlspaces can present all kinds of very serious problems. Vented crawlspaces are the perfect breeding ground for everything from mold, mildew, rot, and decay, to termites, rodents and reptiles. The fact is, a damp and musty crawlspace is not only uncomfortable and unsightly, but also unsafe and unhealthy. In addition, it may be costing you a lot more money.

Mold and Your Health

Since your home continually draws in air from the crawlspace and circulates it throughout your living area, you and your family are breathing in its potentially harmful effects day in and day out. As a result, your health could be seriously compromised. Typical symptoms resulting from mold exposure include everything from respiratory problems and nasal and sinus congestion, to skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation. Some people, including infants and children, pregnant women, and the elderly are at higher risks for adverse health effects. Others, like those with chronic lung illnesses, may suffer even more serious effects when exposed to mold. Give us a call today and ensure your home is mold free and healthy.

Structural Damage from Moisture

When any home is constructed over an exposed dirt crawlspace, it’s a recipe for disaster. The ground below most homes contains large amounts of moisture – which enters an exposed crawlspace as a water vapor and, in some cases, may even become puddled water. When you combine that moisture with the dark and dank conditions of a crawlspace, you have a destructive environment where mold thrives and spreads at an alarming rate across any organic material. Rot and decay sets in and eventually leads to structural damage to floor joists and framing as well as other serious and costly problems.

The Efficiency of A Closed Crawlspace

You’re heating and air-conditioning system has to work a lot harder to heat or cool the air seeping into your home from an exposed crawlspace. In the summer, hot outside air enters the crawlspace, causing condensation on ductwork and plumbing pipes, thereby adding to moisture issues. This air rises into your home and taxes the air conditioning system. In the winter, the heating system has to work harder to heat both the cold house and the air coming in from below. A fully-insulated crawlspace keeps the air beneath your home dry and at an even temperature year round. Consequently, a closed crawlspace system will typically save you 18% or more on your home’s annual heating and cooling costs.

Free Crawlspace Assessment and Estimate

On our initial visit to your home, we’ll evaluate your crawlspace and determine the extent of work required and which system (or combination of systems) might be beneficial to properly treat the space. We will then recommend the best system to meet your needs.

How to Evaluate an Estimate

We encourage you to take the time to compare the various features and advantages of our systems with other proposals you might be considering. In other words, make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples” in making your decision. Does the other quote include treatment with an antimicrobial spray? What is the quality of the crawlspace liner material? Are dehumidifiers and other equipment properly sized for the job? Are the installers properly trained and experienced? And what kind of warranties and follow-ups are included? In a through, side by side comparison, you’ll find that our system offers the highest quality and best value for your money of any closed crawlspace system available today.

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